Game Changers

On May 30, 2019, Game Changers graduated its first “cohort,” a group of 12 individuals who were between 25- 50 years old and committed to making real change happen in their own communities. That cohort, and each group that follows, are trained to be Game Changers in their communities through:

Civic and community engagement;
Identifying and addressing community issues;
Public speaking and story-telling development;
Thinking through design concepts;
Creating and testing concepts; and
Sustainable knowledge and economic opportunities.


Game Changers has been working to build a corps of community influencers since we started in 2018. Every Game Changer is an established influencer within the City of Wilmington’s many communities: Northeast, Riverside, Eastside, West Center City, Hilltop,  Southbridge and Rt. 9, who aims to use their influence to spread awareness about important community issues and actions to take to address those issues.