Youth Game Changers


Recruiting small business owners in Wilmington’s Eastside and Southbridge communities to complete our Game Changers training
Advocating through our youth employment program Disconnect 2 Reconnect
Volunteering with the ACLU of Delaware’s Campaign for Smart Justice, mobilizing Wilmington’s communities through advocacy and education about how to take meaningful action to support criminal justice reform in Delaware
Contracted by Delaware’s Health and Social Services Community Partner Support Unit, a community outreach team that utilizes Game Changers as a contact for community partners providing resources for underserved clients
Created and implemented Carry My Own Vote (CMOV), a voter engagement campaign, in the 2018 elections
Poised as leaders on criminal justice reform in Delaware, we’re asked to speak at public events regularly
Organizing and sponsoring community pride events such as back to school giveaways, networking events, Eastside Day; Southbridge Day, Parkside reunion, 24th Street Day, and Westside Day


As members of the the Delaware Coalition for Smart Justice, led by the ACLU of Delaware, Game Changers advocates for legislative action that would make Delaware’s justice system more fair and equitable statewide.

Game Changers are trained to testify in committee hearings and discuss those legislative issues with their networks in their communities so they can advocate and help spread the word to the people who these issues affect most.

With Game Changers’ help on the Coalition for Smart Justice, 11 justice reform bills were passed during the 150th General Assembly. Those bills included greater access to expungements and sentencing reform, two huge steps forward for justice reform in Delaware.


Disconnect 2 Reconnect utilizes the Game Changers methodology while adapting design thinking concepts to approach community issues. Disconnect 2 Reconnect is designed to help young people look at issues that directly impact their community. Through learning crucial skills such as: project management, design thinking, professionalism, and launching projects that have a real impact on the world around them.

Disconnect 2 Reconnect equips “teen influencers” to become strategic thinking community influencers, social justice leaders, and entrepreneurs for sustainable change within the communities these teens identify with and reside.

Disconnect 2 Reconnect Strives To:

Give exposure and support from mentors in the business, non profit, social justice, political, academic, STEM, financial, art, fashion, and any other industry the particular teen may show interest 

Uplift the idea that teens have the capacity to be thought leaders and Game Changers on issues that matter to them and their communities

Create safe and financially sound communities with positive youth development and engagement, where indigenous leaders can advocate for issues that impact the communities in which they identify


We’re working toward building capacity — we want to find, train, and mobilize up to 40 Game Changers from Wilmington communities.

These Game Changers will become integral parts of the public service, business, non-profit, and education sectors, fighting for reforms and educating their communities on the action steps needed to ensure that basic human needs are met and Wilmington communities prosper socially, safely, and financially.