Game Changers at Black Wall Street Event


Game Changers, LLC is an organization dedicated to the empowerment of indigenous community members. Key community members, known as “influencers” due to social media capital within their home neighborhoods, are trained to be strategic advocates and change agents on issues that directly impact their communities.

By empowering community members to advocate and take action on issues that directly impact their communities, Game Changers will create financially sustainable communities with engaged youth and an equitable education system through employment preparation trainings, personal skill development, collaboration, and advocacy.


Positive Youth Engagement
Community/ Cultural Pride
Social Justice
Equitable Education
Financial Independence


Dubard McGriff

Raised in Northeast Wilmington during the “tough on crime/war on drugs” era, Dubard is a father to two daughters with passion for social change that comes from his own opportunity to experience a “real” second chance.

Dubard was a 16 year old sophomore at Mt. Pleasant, in the Brandywine School District, when he was charged as an adult and sentenced to 4 years in an adult prison in Delaware. Upon his release, he had no skills to become competitive to earn a living wage. His only option was to return to the same neighborhood and fall into the same destructive habits that landed him in prison in the first place.

At 24, Dubard met two men who became mentors and changed his life’s path and helped him put his experiences within the context of structural oppression. Both men provided constant and genuine support and exposure to a different life — a life that’s lead to a college degree, experience in organizing, mobilizing, community engagement, lobbying, working for the HOPE Commission and the ACLU of Delaware, and, ultimately, to founding the Game Changers Organization.

Charly "Evol" Bass

Charly “Evol” Bass

I was raised on the Eastside of Wilmington, Delaware. I am a single mother with 2 sons and I am the sole owner of Jerry Deen’s Catering, soon to be Jerry Deen’s Catering and Café located in the very community I was raised in.

I started out on the wrong path and was caught up in the judicial system at a very young age. I lost my mother when I was just 24 years old and that was a life-changing tragedy, because I chose to convert my pain into strength. After a judge gave me the opportunity to be completely free from all probation for the first time in 10 years, I used my freedom as a platform to do outreach in many communities throughout the city of Wilmington.

I plan to use my resources to help my community understand the importance of advocacy and the strength we have in numbers. I’m a firm believer of unity and I believe fight and hope has become obsolete in our urban communities.

Game Changers will be a vessel that shows the community that “United We Stand, and Division has failed us.”

Cheris Monique Lockett

Cheris Monique Lockett

Cheris M. Lockett (known as Cheris Monique) is a native of Wilmington, Delaware and Executive Director of RAM Role Models Society. She began her career in modeling in 1995. Even with successfully fulfilling her passion as a model, Cheris’s drive to do more led her to obtain a B.S. Degree in Human Services with a concentration in Criminal Justice from Springfield College School of Human Service in 2005.

Cheris founded the RAM Role Models Society to provide guidance and support with creative out of school programming and gender specific mentoring to young girls. RAM is the acronym for Refrain Abstain and Maintain and is a youth development program for young and adolescent girls. Through RAM, Cheris uses Modeling to teach etiquette and build self-esteem amongst youth participants. RAM also provides academic support, education and exposure to the art of fashion and modeling.

With Cheris’s passion for youth, formal education in Human Services and more than 17 years of experience in fashion and modeling, her combined expertise makes Cheris uniquely qualified to equip youth with the knowledge and tools to achieve success. The Game Changers Criminal Justice Advocacy is another pertinent component of Ram Role Models Society. The grass roots program will give Cheris the capability to empower, educate and bring awareness to youth and families in our surrounding communities. With a genuine personality, youthful spirit and sincere commitment to uplifting young people, Cheris Monique continues to have a positive impact amongst youth throughout Wilmington and beyond.


Xavier “X” Broom

My name is Xavier Broomer, I’m 27 years old, born and raised in the West Center City community in Wilmington, Delaware.

My first run-in with the justice system was age 14. At age 25 I was released from Federal prison where I tutored individuals for the GED exams. That’s when I had my wake up call. I told myself “I DON’T BELONG HERE.”

Since my release, I’ve worked to help people with disabilities and mental health issues, I’ve worked at an alternative school and I’ve worked construction. Every job I’ve obtained since being released I lost due to violations of probation (VOP).

Now I am finally off probation and I see others in need of help being punished whole communities in need of help being punished. Now the only thing I see myself doing is my best to help the community.

Tyron Clemmons

Cheris Monique Lockett

I’m 46 years old, born in Delaware and raised in New Castle. I’m a business owner of CFC Construction and a Vice President of my Civic Association.

My childhood was a Roller Coaster. I was on probation from 6th grade until my mid-twenties. Drugs affected my family from drug use to selling them. My path turned when I was embraced by my community center. Since then I made it a mission to help those that were affected as I was.

Even though I was blessed to never be incarcerated, probation and charges have been a hindrance in my life till this day. Everyone deserves a second chance and not be judged their entire life for actions they’ve paid the price to society for.

“Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still”

Joyce Dixon

Joyce Dixon

Joyce Dixon age 34 born and raised on the North and East sides of Wilmington. Current Program Supervisor at Ark Learning Center where I have been for the past 5yrs.

Working with children has always been my passion. I formed and coordinated Fashion shows for our communities, working with youth living in the inner city since 2013. I started my own Non Profit teen organization for teens in 2014 for teens ages 13-18. With this organization, I have helped teens with self-esteem, schooling, college applications and job seeking. In 2018 I became a Child Advocate working beside parents and children to find the best schooling that accommodates child’s specific needs.

Along with my teen organization, Bold & Boss, I am also apart of Ascending Queens teen organization for young women and the Game Changers coalition. Just like any other organization or event that I am part of, I joined Game Changers because I know it has the power and leaders involved to better the future for the youth.

While I have close family, brothers and uncles who are currently apart of the prison population, I myself have been affected from imprisonment multiple times due to unpaid fines. These are just a few reasons I am fighting beside the Smart Justice Campaign to stop Mass Incarceration due to petty crimes. I plan to use my resources and do outreach in any way I can to prevent our youth from falling victim to our justice system.

Tahkee Flowers

My name is Tah’kee Flowers, 19 years young had the experience of living in Bear Delaware. As an adolescent in these communities, I have had many stereotypical encounters with officers of the law.

My first case ever I was 15, since then I have constantly been harassed verbally, mentally and physically. Once a cop screamed at me and said “You not worth sh**!” while he threw me on the ground and zip tied my ankles together.

So now I focus on bringing awareness to people of all ages to stop the cycle.